Circles | Spirit Matters Community

Circles are our earliest forms of sharing community, wisdom, resources and stories. Our common ancestors gathered around the fire’s warmth as many indigenous peoples do today.  Spirit Matters have used circle since we began. Circle welcomes us back into a shape where we can see and be seen, listen and be heard, one in which we are respected. In circle, we can create together without the isolation and hierarchy of sitting behind each other, facing the one speaking. Each rooted in our own place and being, we can speak from there…. or not. Circle knows the wisdom and creative tension of silence and sitting with what is emerging, rather than the quick response. Circles slow time down. Circle calls Spirit to ‘speak’ through the whole group rather than being owned or represented by any one. Hence circles challenge systems of power over others and encourage our response abilities as members of one Earth community.

For those new to sitting in circle, there will be those with deep experience in every sharing circle. And there are simple guidelines for this process.

  • Show up; be as present as you can be
  • Pay attention to what has heart and meaning
  • Withold judgment; speak to your experience. Don’t comment on others’.
  • Be aware of, but not attached to outcome. What happens, happens. Who shows up, is meant to be there

    Themes for Circles

    All participants will choose their circles on Saturday. At least two animators or experienced holders of circle processes will be in each theme. Some circles will use a talking stick or stone. Others may be less formalized, i.e. indigenizing education. These are places to share what is known together. One person in each circle will volunteer to sketch or document learnings to bring back into the larger gathering.

    Listening to Ancestral Voices

    Indigenising Education

    Medicine Wheel Teachings

    Nurturing Children, Our Future Ancestors

    Healing Body/Mind/Spirit

    Sound Medicines

    Weaving Creativity into Everything

    Community Ritual and Ceremonies

    Steps into the Fifth Sun

    Making Peace; Non Violent Communication and Actions

    Being Animal; Honouring the More-Than-Human World

    What is the most important question to ask in this time?

    Rekindling Indigenous Spirit; Ireland, Uganda, Hawaii, Six Nations and beyond

    Earth Practices; Daily Supports