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There have been four major Spirit Matters gatherings and two additional ones like the Rekindling journey and Momentum; 20 year Anniversary organised by a council of Spirit Matters community members. ┬áThis website”Honouring Indigenous Worlds” marked the 4th Spirit Matters gathering in 2012. That gathering built on those previous. In 2004, at the first Spirit Matters, wisdom leaders from many traditions met in councils and dialogue circles to talk about humans reconnecting with the Earth in the Great Work. In 2007, leaders and elders from many peoples met as One Earth Community; Sharing our Stories. As promised in the final circle at that gathering, twenty-eight elders, educators and youth from the Americas, Africa and Ireland, traveled the sacred sites of pre-colonial Ireland together in 2008 in a Rekindling Spirit journey. They did ceremonies and spoke together deeply in circle around healing colonization and rekindling indigenous spirit intergenerationally. By 2010, the 3rd Spirit Matters explored the theme Hearing and Listening: Youth and Elders in the Web of Life with more music, art and interconnected activism than ever before. This website shares details of the participants and exciting process of the Honouring Indigenous Worlds gathering. Check the “Theme into Process” section for a flavour of the event. In the years since that there have been multiple youth-elder circles with peoples from all four directions meeting in and around Toronto. Spirit Matters has become a conscious community with many active members..